Scaffolding Project (continued)

Man waiting for the bus around canal street

Union Square

People Listening at Union Square

Behind Canal Street

I found myself downtown near canal street and started snapping my camera, and saw some interesting stuff. I’d say we should all see the backside of the city, that is the parts in between, behind, away from the street. some pretty interesting stuff goes on back there, minus the occasional stabbing… go during the daytime.

I also found that the best shots of people are those where they don’t know their being photo’d. As soon as anybody gets a hint that their about to have a photo taken of them something unnatural happens, I beleive we all try to show our “good side” or try to make up our face in a way that we think looks good. But most of the time, i would so maybe all the time, the best look is that of being natural. So i’m find different ways of photographing people.

On the scaffoldings, i’m still in love with my initial photo from last post, something about the proportions and the differences that occur within that particular scaffolding. I tried to find similar aspects in other scaffoldings but they didn’t match what i saw initially in that first photo. Instead however, i’m finding more and more reasons to take notice to fire escapes, especially the beautifully painted fire escapes located around soho and canal street. They turn the buildings they serve into something more interesting, an external circulation, although rarely or even never used, takes such president in the facade of the building. I say we should try to use these guys more often but than… i guess i would be suggest we go about setting fires… but at least many of the buildings i see with them take the time to make them look pleasing to the eye. Or maybe Canal street is simply about its fire escapes, who knows but the majority of them are beautiful none the less.

I found my mats needed to start building my scaffolding as planned, but got kinda lost in trying to take some decent photo’s. So, for the meantime as i began planning out how im going to build this thing, here are some of the best of those snapshots.


About loWel

Bachelors of Science in Architectural Technology, Artist, Musician, Producer,NYIT, New York City, United States,
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