I watched one of those “did you know” videos the other day, believe it was for 2010 and it mentioned a tad-bit about my generation. It said that We understand that we live in two parallel worlds, the real world and the virtual world. I totally understand this, and find myself living it finally after some reluctance to get involved in the “virtual” world. Thoughts of the matrix flash through my head.

To me it didn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense to me because I’ve always thought online doesn’t really exist, where real interactions, real people and real conversation to me are the only true forms of communication are what life is really about. I always thought  that “blogs” or “followers” were Facebook friends didn’t matter. Who are these people who leave comments? And i could barely remember my own birthday let alone 500 plus friends.

But obviously, I have changed my mind. We do live in two parallel worlds, and the trick i believe of my generation is to keep the balance of the two in check, allow these two worlds to assist each other. Behind every online word is a face, a real face (hopefully) who’s as vivid and living as you and I. Online is a platform, simply another way of communicating.

There is this game we play with ourselves when we ask “what would I be doing if i wasn’t on this computer?” , and usually the answer is, not much. If i wasn’t here typing this out i would most likely be in my bed watching the baseball game recovering from last nights late outing. The computer makes it easy to be productive, and it is a good. It becomes a bad when it begins to replace or take over things or actions that you should be doing, like keeping yourself inside, or ignoring loved ones or friends because of your virtual presence, but thats where the balance comes into play. And i believe that the internet has added maybe another thing we need to keep track of, but doesn’t in any way take away from the experience and enjoyment of life.

For our generation its the computer, and for previous generations it was maybe the television, the radio, the phone, the letter, homing pigeon, it has always been about communicating. We now have the ultimate communicating platform, and we should harness this asset to benefit and enrich our lives. The great thing about the Internet is that it gives the individual power. We choose what we want to say or what we want to read, instead of being allotted to a set time and place. We take our virtual world with us, in our pockets or book bags and plug in whenever wherever. Our finger tips hold a gate to the world.

For me, I’m learning that its not that easy. It takes work to develop a following, getting your voice out there. But in the end, i know it will be worth it. I want to promote my work, and be motivated to continue to progress in my talents. I learning how to use my online presence to promote my real life and continue to push myself forward. Im still working on my scaffolding project, i just wanted to take a minute to get this thought out of my head, and share it with the world.


About loWel

Bachelors of Science in Architectural Technology, Artist, Musician, Producer,NYIT, New York City, United States,
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