A Most Interesting Night

The Cradle Will Rock

Im laying in bed, watching the sun come up when i Remember the very reason why i’m not passed out yet. I promised, these three people, that i would update regardless of my current condition, and that i I shall.

This night started off as any other drunken stupor night, couple of friends gathered together promising, vowing each other of the nights glorious achievements, that be of massive drinking, and extreme pillage upon the opposite sex.

Although the massive drinking did occur, and the massive pillaging of the opposite sex did not, i must say i have learned a lot from this excursion. I have learned that being yourself, and not being afraid to talk to people, will lead you to the right direction, or at least verify yourself in the world, not that you need to verify yourself anyway but heck, it does feel good every once in a while.

I stroke up a conversation with these three girls at a local pizza shop.We talked of green design, for she was an environmental scientist, and I, and I, an architecture major who is a little fed up with the “green” conversation. We talked of windmills, her fight for them, my realization that they are too big and too ugly to be excepted by our current aesthetics, and the conversation went on from there. Her two friends were a little below this type of tech talk so, they giggled and went on, but somehow continued to be cute and innocent nonetheless.

I feel like this is what drinking at st. marks is about. Regardless of your level of drunkenness, you should still be able to hold an intelligent conversation with anybody, about any subject, at anytime, and I truly appreciate the fact that they were able to challenge me and intrigue me in my state, and hopefully vise versa After that conversation me and my buddy continued down st. marks, where i bumped into a smoking Asian holding a book in his hand. Out of curiosity i asked him “what are you reading?” in which he replied “doesn’t matter” , and I watched as he ripped the pages, the full book, off the seams of the cover. This gentleman was only interested in keeping the cover of the book, and not interested in the book at all. I asked him “can i have that?” in which he easily handed me over the full book the he just dismantled. He literally only wanted the cover. At that point I decided to live my life according to whatever the hell he just handed to me. And i must say, so far, this book is looking to be one that is up my ally, one of those life defining books that people say “omg this book changed my life” , I will have details about it later.

I have learned tonight that life itself has its own path. Who the hell am I to try and dictate where i go? I personally would have been asleep, laying in bed trying to think of something to write about, or something to do. I would have most likely finished building the model i have started on working on before my friend called me up to go out, but life chose something different for me tonight. And who knows where this path will lead. Im glad I am as open minded as i find myself to be, because without that would be so limited to the life that other’s would have dictated for me.


About loWel

Bachelors of Science in Architectural Technology, Artist, Musician, Producer,NYIT, New York City, United States,
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