Scaffolding Project (progress)

Scaffolding I am modeling

Sketches for model


The Beginnings Of the model

Laziness is probably the most shared human trait in the world. It so easy to simply sit here and look at a blank screen, or have something fed to us via tv or youtube. To Actively do something is a little difficult, because by nature it requires us to be active, to be productive, and to get a little uncomfortable. Because who wouldn’t actually like laying in bed all day?

The only time where work is a good thing is when that work is meaningful. When you feel like your work is taking you on a path towards a larger goal, or when you feel like your doing whats meant for you to be doing. Thats one thing about being creative, creativity to me feel natural. I feel like i was meant to made things, but i have a hard as hell time following an idea through.

Something happens in between the actual realization of that thought and the finished product that causes me to derail. MAybe thing of a new project, maybe go in some other direction. The potentiality of the “new” idea is always more alluring. But something must be said about a fully realized idea.

Thus, i continued working on the scaffolding project tonight. The model has become a little more complex than i first initiated, but thats where design comes in. Progress ! Hopefully the finished product will come out as intended, but with any art, its truly about the journey, not the finished product.


About loWel

Bachelors of Science in Architectural Technology, Artist, Musician, Producer,NYIT, New York City, United States,
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