Tools of Dreams

I’ve come the realization that im pretty lazy. Not lazy in a coach potato kind of a way, but lazy in a “im not willing to work just for money” kind of way. When i have free time, i’m usually working on one of my personal projects, be that music, or art or photography, but when it comes to my current job, one that i must say is not that bad, im not really willing to devote that much time into it. I changed my mindset on that a little bit, because I realized that, in order to continue to follow my passion, which is slightly still scattered all over the art spectrum, i must somehow finance it.

The only way to finance that passion is through this job that i recently started devoting more time to. BUt is the bottom line the paycheck? I have no concept of money, i don’t personally value it as an item but i do value the paths money can give me. The options it can give me. In the Fountainhead one of the characters called this “tools of dreams” , Instrument or a painting aisle. Tools of dreams is a good name for what i mean. In order to develop ourselves in what we’re passionate about, we need those tools.

Depending on what your passion is, these things can either be cheap or expensive, but in almost any field, the better the quality, the more expensive that dream tools going to be. So i’m currently sacrificing some of my “dream time” for some work time, and trying settle into this 40-50 hour work week, which feels a bit different from the 15-20 hour work week i was used to.

Tools of Dreams. Guitar’s, Computers, New Running shoes, Drawing boards. That new laptop you bought so you could write not only at home but, anywhere, to finish that book you know you have in you. For me its audio equipment, last year it was a drafting table, maybe next year it’ll be a camera who knows. Who made the most money during the california gold rush? The person selling the shovel’s.

Along with the tools, you also need the passion. Passion seems to supersede talent, but having a passion for something is rare. ITs hard to fully devote yourself to one thing, and cancel everything else out. To love the process and not the outcome, to love the work and now the response. I think thats where i want to be. Hopefully i’ll reach a point where my dream will support itself. Think thats where we all want to be.


About loWel

Bachelors of Science in Architectural Technology, Artist, Musician, Producer,NYIT, New York City, United States,
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