Graduation Flux

So, I graduated. And now i’m currently in that weird spot in my life where i have to start doing something important, or “Get A Real Job” , most people can hear echoing in their heads. So heres my idea. 

Getting to that Real Job, or discovering what i really want to do with my life, is a process. I want to show that process, and post it online.

The question is what do i want to do? Well heres what i can do, and what i love.

I love art. I’ve been a practicing artist for sense 3rd grade, and continued Drawing, Painting and Schulpting to this day. I studied architecture, and spent the last 5 years Designing, Drawing, Building, etc in 3 dimensions of space. I also am a self taught musician, and Love making music. So thats 3 things, I want to find a way to combine them into one experience. 

So how do i do that? 

Well currently, I do each thing individually. I compose a track, keep it on my laptop. I sketch something, keep it in my sketchbook. Create a painting, give it away. Without really sharing what that process is about. Theres nothing else i love more than process. 

So thats what I’m going to begin doing. I’m going to Create, Record, and share that process of discovering what I can really do, and how to combine Music, Art, and Architecture into one unique experience that i can truly call my own. I’m a little excited about this. 



About loWel

Bachelors of Science in Architectural Technology, Artist, Musician, Producer,NYIT, New York City, United States,
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