About the Author

Lowell Stephens

January 31st, 1989

Bachelors of Science in Architectural Technology
Trained Artist, Self Taught Musician
New York Institute of Technology, New York City, United States.

Personal Referendum

I grew up in New York City. Born in hells kitchen, than moving to Corona, Queens during my teens, and finally currently living in Jamaica, New York.

Throughout all of those changes, I still maintained a constant love of art.

My childhood wasn’t the best either. I wasn’t given all the tools and resources that a typical family had. My parents, though passionate in their own right, struggled to raise us. I was one of three kids in a small one bedroom apartment. We don’t really know the term “poverty” when you’re a child.

When you’re a child, you notice your friends. You notice the people, the feelings you feel are so evidently true when your young, innocent , and don’t have the complications that “adults” have.

Other kids had video games and the newest toys. I simply didn’t, but I developed curiosity. I started building things, breaking them down and up again to see how they worked.

I also developed a love for creativity. Every creation, whether it be painting or drawing or a model, answered some type of question I developed. That is what art is to me.

When i was younger, I never felt disadvantaged. I was always able to create. Since pre – school I remember drawing, painting, moulding. I still remember my Middle school art teacher, and weeks in my High School Art room.

I remember my dad, and his massive headphones . I couldn’t never wanted me to touch them, as if they were his sacred artifacts. I remember constant KTU playing as my sisters jumped from one of three beds. My mother loved music also, and kept an ever-increasing collection of music. In my childhood, i recall trips to the famous Virgin Records store at Times Square. This place was the holy grail of a music lovers dream, 5 levels of music, Movie house in the lowest level.

I watched Cassette players by Panasonic turn into mini disk players by Sony turn into mp3 players by Apple. I witnessed Technology explode all over the place, the birth of the internet, and social networking.

When it came to choose a college, I was not really prepared. My guidance consoler made sure i stayed on track on being one of the Few students of that school in Cambria Heights, Jamaica, to go to college.

Art was an easy choice. Art is what I’ve been doing on my life, but what would I learn? To this day I’m not sure, i might have learned something more about art i already knew, but its been such a huge part of my being that i felt i would continue to develop my skills in art no matter what.

There were other fields, graphic design, fashion, set design, Music. but i didn’t know an instrument. That audition would be a disaster. Graphic design didn’t appeal to me either. I realized that with architecture, i could do all of those things.

With architecture i can combine all of those things into space. Space is what i occupy, therefore will always have some point of reference to what i am learning. When I was painting during lunchtime in high school, I was in a building, with rooms and dimensions and circulation. All these things related to space and time, and my body. So I chose to study Architecture. I studied architecture in New York City, where i grew up. And now I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do.

I work at a technology company, and although my current job doesn’t take advantage of everything i can do, it still keeps me immersed in the language of My Generation.

Let me specifically define My Generation, and from my point of view. My point of view is that of one of a Native New Yorker.

My generation was the first to be fully Immersed in technology. I was born on January 31st, 1989, five years after the First Home Computer was released. From that point on, a paradigm shift has occurred in the way we as a society communicate.

So now i find myself here as part of the graduation class of 2012. At this time, I am sandwiched between the life a responsible adult, and the life of what once was a college student. I have a clear idea of what I want to do , but I am not sure how to apply that to the “Real Word” , which in itself is a little contradictory to what My Generation is all about.

This Virtual Space is so important now. I look at everything I’ve done and i notice that i have spent so much time building, doing, and living physical things. How do i communicate that to you? In this realm?

With this website, I will try to communicate to you what I see, what i do, my thoughts, and how projects get realized. I want to show you the nuances of Creativity in the 21st century, from my point of view.

My point of view is a unique one. First, a new yorker. Than an Artist, than Engineer.

I taught myself how to create Music. In high school i did not know how to play an instrument. Now, I have enough experience from creating music that i can play pretty well, and am continuing to  harness my skills in that venture also.

My mission is to combine Music, Art, and Architecture to communicate my ideas. These ideas can only be created by somebody like me, who sees the world a little bit differently.

Through Technology, I want to share my process of creating these finished works. This is what MyPencilThinks is about.

My name is Lowell Stephens, and I am an artist.

Lowell J Stephens


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