A Love thats Lost

I’m curious as to what makes a good song, or what im drawn to when it comes to the realm of music. I listen to everything from house music to country and, what makes me drawn to some songs and not to other’s? Is it what i’ve been tought to like or listen to? Those random songs i heard when i was 6 or 7 on KTU or, is it a synthesis of all these things?

I started making my own music recently and its been a pretty pleasant experience, I’m not sure how i can make a track sound good when, frankly, i don’t know how to play an instrument and/or sing. But somehow i can tell which notes fit together and which one’s don’t. I cant manage to create and atmosphere in a song, or in a track. Somehow i know which tones make us happy or sad. Hopefully with more practice and can be better fit to answer these questions, but for now, enjoy “a love thats lost” by me, aka, filthy digits 😉 ttyl world

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Scaffolding Project (progress)

Scaffolding I am modeling

Sketches for model


The Beginnings Of the model

Laziness is probably the most shared human trait in the world. It so easy to simply sit here and look at a blank screen, or have something fed to us via tv or youtube. To Actively do something is a little difficult, because by nature it requires us to be active, to be productive, and to get a little uncomfortable. Because who wouldn’t actually like laying in bed all day?

The only time where work is a good thing is when that work is meaningful. When you feel like your work is taking you on a path towards a larger goal, or when you feel like your doing whats meant for you to be doing. Thats one thing about being creative, creativity to me feel natural. I feel like i was meant to made things, but i have a hard as hell time following an idea through.

Something happens in between the actual realization of that thought and the finished product that causes me to derail. MAybe thing of a new project, maybe go in some other direction. The potentiality of the “new” idea is always more alluring. But something must be said about a fully realized idea.

Thus, i continued working on the scaffolding project tonight. The model has become a little more complex than i first initiated, but thats where design comes in. Progress ! Hopefully the finished product will come out as intended, but with any art, its truly about the journey, not the finished product.

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A Most Interesting Night

The Cradle Will Rock

Im laying in bed, watching the sun come up when i Remember the very reason why i’m not passed out yet. I promised, these three people, that i would update regardless of my current condition, and that i I shall.

This night started off as any other drunken stupor night, couple of friends gathered together promising, vowing each other of the nights glorious achievements, that be of massive drinking, and extreme pillage upon the opposite sex.

Although the massive drinking did occur, and the massive pillaging of the opposite sex did not, i must say i have learned a lot from this excursion. I have learned that being yourself, and not being afraid to talk to people, will lead you to the right direction, or at least verify yourself in the world, not that you need to verify yourself anyway but heck, it does feel good every once in a while.

I stroke up a conversation with these three girls at a local pizza shop.We talked of green design, for she was an environmental scientist, and I, and I, an architecture major who is a little fed up with the “green” conversation. We talked of windmills, her fight for them, my realization that they are too big and too ugly to be excepted by our current aesthetics, and the conversation went on from there. Her two friends were a little below this type of tech talk so, they giggled and went on, but somehow continued to be cute and innocent nonetheless.

I feel like this is what drinking at st. marks is about. Regardless of your level of drunkenness, you should still be able to hold an intelligent conversation with anybody, about any subject, at anytime, and I truly appreciate the fact that they were able to challenge me and intrigue me in my state, and hopefully vise versa After that conversation me and my buddy continued down st. marks, where i bumped into a smoking Asian holding a book in his hand. Out of curiosity i asked him “what are you reading?” in which he replied “doesn’t matter” , and I watched as he ripped the pages, the full book, off the seams of the cover. This gentleman was only interested in keeping the cover of the book, and not interested in the book at all. I asked him “can i have that?” in which he easily handed me over the full book the he just dismantled. He literally only wanted the cover. At that point I decided to live my life according to whatever the hell he just handed to me. And i must say, so far, this book is looking to be one that is up my ally, one of those life defining books that people say “omg this book changed my life” , I will have details about it later.

I have learned tonight that life itself has its own path. Who the hell am I to try and dictate where i go? I personally would have been asleep, laying in bed trying to think of something to write about, or something to do. I would have most likely finished building the model i have started on working on before my friend called me up to go out, but life chose something different for me tonight. And who knows where this path will lead. Im glad I am as open minded as i find myself to be, because without that would be so limited to the life that other’s would have dictated for me.

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I watched one of those “did you know” videos the other day, believe it was for 2010 and it mentioned a tad-bit about my generation. It said that We understand that we live in two parallel worlds, the real world and the virtual world. I totally understand this, and find myself living it finally after some reluctance to get involved in the “virtual” world. Thoughts of the matrix flash through my head.

To me it didn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense to me because I’ve always thought online doesn’t really exist, where real interactions, real people and real conversation to me are the only true forms of communication are what life is really about. I always thought  that “blogs” or “followers” were Facebook friends didn’t matter. Who are these people who leave comments? And i could barely remember my own birthday let alone 500 plus friends.

But obviously, I have changed my mind. We do live in two parallel worlds, and the trick i believe of my generation is to keep the balance of the two in check, allow these two worlds to assist each other. Behind every online word is a face, a real face (hopefully) who’s as vivid and living as you and I. Online is a platform, simply another way of communicating.

There is this game we play with ourselves when we ask “what would I be doing if i wasn’t on this computer?” , and usually the answer is, not much. If i wasn’t here typing this out i would most likely be in my bed watching the baseball game recovering from last nights late outing. The computer makes it easy to be productive, and it is a good. It becomes a bad when it begins to replace or take over things or actions that you should be doing, like keeping yourself inside, or ignoring loved ones or friends because of your virtual presence, but thats where the balance comes into play. And i believe that the internet has added maybe another thing we need to keep track of, but doesn’t in any way take away from the experience and enjoyment of life.

For our generation its the computer, and for previous generations it was maybe the television, the radio, the phone, the letter, homing pigeon, it has always been about communicating. We now have the ultimate communicating platform, and we should harness this asset to benefit and enrich our lives. The great thing about the Internet is that it gives the individual power. We choose what we want to say or what we want to read, instead of being allotted to a set time and place. We take our virtual world with us, in our pockets or book bags and plug in whenever wherever. Our finger tips hold a gate to the world.

For me, I’m learning that its not that easy. It takes work to develop a following, getting your voice out there. But in the end, i know it will be worth it. I want to promote my work, and be motivated to continue to progress in my talents. I learning how to use my online presence to promote my real life and continue to push myself forward. Im still working on my scaffolding project, i just wanted to take a minute to get this thought out of my head, and share it with the world.

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Scaffolding Project (continued)

Man waiting for the bus around canal street

Union Square

People Listening at Union Square

Behind Canal Street

I found myself downtown near canal street and started snapping my camera, and saw some interesting stuff. I’d say we should all see the backside of the city, that is the parts in between, behind, away from the street. some pretty interesting stuff goes on back there, minus the occasional stabbing… go during the daytime.

I also found that the best shots of people are those where they don’t know their being photo’d. As soon as anybody gets a hint that their about to have a photo taken of them something unnatural happens, I beleive we all try to show our “good side” or try to make up our face in a way that we think looks good. But most of the time, i would so maybe all the time, the best look is that of being natural. So i’m find different ways of photographing people.

On the scaffoldings, i’m still in love with my initial photo from last post, something about the proportions and the differences that occur within that particular scaffolding. I tried to find similar aspects in other scaffoldings but they didn’t match what i saw initially in that first photo. Instead however, i’m finding more and more reasons to take notice to fire escapes, especially the beautifully painted fire escapes located around soho and canal street. They turn the buildings they serve into something more interesting, an external circulation, although rarely or even never used, takes such president in the facade of the building. I say we should try to use these guys more often but than… i guess i would be suggest we go about setting fires… but at least many of the buildings i see with them take the time to make them look pleasing to the eye. Or maybe Canal street is simply about its fire escapes, who knows but the majority of them are beautiful none the less.

I found my mats needed to start building my scaffolding as planned, but got kinda lost in trying to take some decent photo’s. So, for the meantime as i began planning out how im going to build this thing, here are some of the best of those snapshots.

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Scaffoldings Project


Scaffolding at downtown NYC

Scaffolding : noun, a temporary structure on the outside of a building, made usually of wooden planks and metal poles, used by workers while building, repairing, or cleaning the building.
Call me crazy but i find this beautiful… so beautiful that im going to base my first project on this. I wan’t to rebuild it, fun size, out of basswood.

Scaffoldings are one of those things that are easily noticeable but last for a short period of time. They come and go, never to be seen again, yet they are everywhere, elements of the city’s constant change. I wan’t to preserve some of these guys, and document them. See how they differ in size and complexity. Maybe create a series of them, maybe only one, only time can tell. But this is the beginning, I’ll document the progress. It’s like a little building of its own, and i think these guys deserve a little recognition.

Tomorrow im going to take a trip through nyc snapping photos, and stopping by my favorite spot Pearl Paint to pic up some material, and start plotting this model out. The proportions are just right to me, and i love the fire escape and the subway entrence located within the confines of the scaffolding. I wan’t to capture all of that in this model, with lots of detail, i’ll start drawing it out tonight.

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